Eight O'Clock Coffee Company Vermont Maple Bourbon Ground Coffee 11 oz. Bag

Artificially flavored. Inspired flavor of Vermont maple bourbon. Flav-ah with a New England accent. You knew that Vermont is renowned for maple syrup. But did you know they're famous for bourbon too? By golly, we sure did and that's what inspired this unique blend of Vermont Maple Bourbon with 100% Arabica beans. You'll savor the sweet, robust flavors of maple, caramel and bourbon. Great tasting coffees sourced from the world's finest beans. Hooray for the red, white and brew! Introducing the flavors of America. America is 50 states - all united, each unique. So, when our master blenders searched for a fresh perspective on coffees, they found many states with a flavor distinctly its own. Try one of our star-spangled creations today. It's like discovering America all over again. Follow EightOClock. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Roasted in Maryland USA.