SWEET EARTH Tuscan Style Savory Grounds 8 oz. Box

Savory grounds (Plant-based grounds). Plant-based grounds with rustic notes of rosemary, garlic, fennel & kale. 20 grams of protein per serving. Real food. Vegan. Earth's delicious and nutritious plant-based protein. Good source vitamin C. 0 mg cholesterol. Cholesterol free. High protein. Pre-cooked and pre-seasoned. Earth's delicious and nutritious plant-based protein. Hey! Savory grounds are high protein & cholesterol free. Made with Real Food: kale; red bell pepper; rosemary; garlic; fennel seed. Flavor forward. Full flavor. A Clean, Lean Protein: Protein-rich savory grounds are handcrafted from hearty grain, real vegetables and savory spices from our California kitchen to yours. Authentic and worldly, inspired by global traditions - good for you and good for the planet. Perfect for: Pasta sauce, pizza toppings, lasagna filling, and any dish you want to have an authentic Italian flare! Righteous meats are always - plant-based. Sustainable cholesterol free. nitrate free. antibiotic free and of course cruelty free. Enlighten up, man, you're now creating a more sustainable planet! www.sweetearthfoods.com. Follow the Fun (at)sweetearthfoods.com.